The Three E’s of Video Marketing

Being There is More Important than Innovating Some people avoid video because they don’t know how to bring something new to it, or they fear it requires all sorts of creativity and innovation. What’s more important is just being active in the video space and delivering content. If you can deliver creativity and innovation, that’s just... Continue Reading →

Overcome The Fear Of Prospecting

Our LIVE Dials & Follow Up Training Workshop is right around the corner! June 7th, 2018 - Let's Mastermind Together We are going to break down the art of cold calling, discuss different scripting options and the overall follow up process. You do not want to miss this one! A constant problem people face is fear... Continue Reading →

Are You Sharing Your Value To The Marketplace?

Providing Value: It's About the Client Creating and communicating value is more than just a cliché. In fact, when properly incorporated into an overall business strategy, the creation and communication of value will actually result in higher profits, more sales, and loyal clientele. Most important, the client will also benefit from more savings (buyers) or... Continue Reading →

Are You Winning The Listing?

The GOAL with every Seller lead is to get the  appointment. At this time you are ONLY SELLING THE  VALUE OF AN APPOINTMENT. 72% of sellers are going with the first Realtor they meet in person, so it is crucial to get an appointment. Your 100% focus on all Seller leads is to set an... Continue Reading →

Part I: Mindset VS Mastery

  90% of “The Game” is Mindset…. You can’t change “The World” but… if you  control your mind… you can change “Your  World”.... It is all about what “Lens” you CHOOSE to look  out of…. MASTERY Only GREATNESS Pays! The Only Way To Become Great Is Through MASTERY! 90% of Realtors fail in the first... Continue Reading →

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