Steps to Success to Reach Your 2018 Goals

90/60 Continued…. Last post we discussed the 90/60 scheduling strategy. .. 90/60 SPRINT/RECOVERY 90 Minutes = Money Making Activities… 3 Vital Signs of Real Estate Vital Sign #1: Lead Generation/Lead Follow Up AKA “Setting Appointments” Vital Sign #2: Conducting Appointments (Buyer Consultations, Listing Consultations) Vital Sign #3: Negotiation Contracts These are the only three things... Continue Reading →

Top 3 Reasons Why We Need a CRM

Are you using a CRM? Today’s world is all about processes, systems and numbers. We live a fast and busy paced life and so do the clients we serve. So you need to have the best systems in place to take care of them, let’s face it without running around with a notebook, scheduler and... Continue Reading →

Leads Are Not The Issue…

It is always our inability to convert leads into appointments that is the problem…. Frequency, Fear, Experience… Value Proposition….. Do you know what your Value Proposition is? --> It is CRITICAL to respond in the first 5 minutes compared to 10 minutes, there is a 900% increase in contract rates. ** Every minute you wait... Continue Reading →

Do You Have A Master Schedule?

  --> Planning & Prioritizing Your Must Do Activities is CRUCIAL... --> This is accomplished through a Master Schedule! --> It is only natural to get caught up in the Whirlwind. Having a Master Schedule will hold you accountable to your GOALS. *** The Power of Reflection - It is also important to track all... Continue Reading →

Are You Receiving Consistent Training?

  Are You Receiving Consistent Training? Attending training sessions and being constantly educated on the latest market trends are crucial to professional success. It will also allow you to stay current with the latest industry standards and regulations and help you competitively market yourself as an ‘in-the-know’ agent. Here are the key 5 reasons to make sure... Continue Reading →

How To Win The Listing Every Time!

Do you feel like you’re losing the listing more often than not? Whether or not you win the listing is based on ONE main factor… Your listing presentation. Mess up the presentation, and say good-bye to the listing. Rock your listing presentation, and say HELLO to a new listing! Some of you are saying right now…... Continue Reading →

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