Your Mid-Summer Wake-Up Call

7 Months Down… How Many to Go? August 1 is almost here. That means seven months of 2018 are over, and five months remain. And the question becomes… Are you on track for your goals? And the next question becomes… Are you sure? Because here’s the catch: Any deal you initiate past the middle of... Continue Reading →

3 Reasons Why Facebook Live Is Essential

Why Is FB LIVE Essential In Today’s Video-First Environment? Facebook doesn’t care whether or not you like the way you look on video. If you want to use Facebook as the valuable business tool it can be, you need to “Go Live” regularly. Get over your fears, be true to yourself and do it! The more you... Continue Reading →

Stay Motivated In 2018

How to Stay Focused & Motivated to Achieve Your Goals for the New Year The new year is around the corner, and probably just like last year, you’re thinking about your resolutions for this proverbial “fresh start”. Hopefully, you are not repeating the same resolutions you had the year before. But more often than not,... Continue Reading →


THE ONLY WAY TO HAVE IT ALL… Is to “INTENTIONALLY” pay attention to every day, every hour, every minute! “Have ZERO Tolerance For The Unknown With Your Time” Eliminate TIME HACKS NOW TIME TO BECOME PRODUCTIVE 90/60 SPRINT/RECOVERY 90 = Money Making Activities… 3 Vital Signs of Real Estate Vital Sign #1: Lead Generation/Lead Follow... Continue Reading →

2018 Starts NOW! Are You READY?

Start Planning for 2018 In the last quarter of 2017, we must begin to prepare for the new year! 1. Begin to identify your new Business Goals --> 2018 Business Outcome --> Your definition of success in Real Estate for you and your family --> Income goals --> Potential obstacles and problems that may occur... Continue Reading →

Top 3 Reasons Why We Need a CRM

Are you using a CRM? Today’s world is all about processes, systems and numbers. We live a fast and busy paced life and so do the clients we serve. So you need to have the best systems in place to take care of them, let’s face it without running around with a notebook, scheduler and... Continue Reading →

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