Your Mid-Summer Wake-Up Call

7 Months Down… How Many to Go? August 1 is almost here. That means seven months of 2018 are over, and five months remain. And the question becomes… Are you on track for your goals? And the next question becomes… Are you sure? Because here’s the catch: Any deal you initiate past the middle of... Continue Reading →

2018 Midpoint Progress Report

Remember when we created our 2018 Business Plans? You made your plan, right? But have you been following it? Have you been doing the things that give you the power? Or have you let being “busy” prevent you from doing the most important tasks that impact your bottom line? Halfway through 2018, it’s time for another... Continue Reading →

3 Keys To Master Your Mindset

There is one thing that has a huge potential to impact your failure or success… It’s your MINDSET, and if it isn’t in the right place, well, YOU probably won’t be either. Why is mindset so important? It shapes the way you see the world, and as the old Henry Ford quote says “Whether you... Continue Reading →

Is It Time To Cultivate a New Mindset?

90% of “The Game” is Mindset You can’t change “The World” but… if you  control your mind… you can change “Your  World”... It is all about what “Lens” you CHOOSE to look  out of… Consider this prospective …. In recessions period… It is a period to invest … Money or Time…… This where we see... Continue Reading →

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