You’ve decided to make a change for yourself, now let the excitement begin! We get started with training immediately, which is implemented in 3 stages.

Stage 1: Our initial training is designed to give you a familiarization to our support systems, listing presentations, buyers consultations, and introduction into Lapp Realty’s culture. This training is video and document based which provides flexibility and a resource to forever reference back to in the future when needed. Once this stage is complete you are ready to integrate Lapp Realty into your business.

Stage 2: One of our main goals is to encourage our Business Partners to maintain their focus on the highest and best money making activities. To assist them we are privileged to have the most talented and dedicated Transaction Coordinator on our team. During this stage you will be introduced to the services they will provide to you as well as to your clients.

Stage 3: The 30 day “Game Plan”…You will be given recommended tangible implementations for the first 30 days. It’s so powerful and important to follow these as they will assist you to develop the right habits and skills which are the foundational traits to your success and structure for change. During this stage you will receive one on one coaching and personal training into the areas you feel you need the most help during this 30 day period.

Sustainment Training: We’re different because we seek results based on the action we take. In most cases this requires taking an “outside the box” approach. Our sustainment training is achieved through adopting ideas from everyone who’s a part of Lapp Realty. As we learn new things and discover better ways and ideas, we train and collaborate together.

We believe in career movement, progression, and enhancement. This is achieved by the training and development from within our people and culture. Think of us as a “Rolling River” moving quickly to sustain momentum and power.

This career package is a foundation for success, full of powerful tools, systems, and of course amazing people.

We welcome you.