Be The GM Of Your Business & Life

Productivity Coaching by Kevin Lapp for Brokers, Owners, and Real Estate Professionals focusing on Systems, Strategy, Social Media, Thought Leadership and Mindset.

Kevin has 11 years of experience in Residential Real Estate and leads a top producing real estate team. He operates a Commercial Real Estate Business, runs a successful Home Building Company and is involved in multiple Land Development Projects.

Two main ingredients must exist for a Real Estate Group to thrive.

1. A Collection of Strong Leaders
2. Team’s capacity to make Money

That’s right, I said thrive, not just exist. Make no mistake about it, we seek continued growth by adding talented members who want that accountability associated with leadership and desire to make money. You’re a product of the 5 people who you associate most with each day. You’re either growing or dying, this may sound controversial and against the “status  quo”, but that’s what we are. We believe in harvesting the power of a team, and exploiting that energy across the amazing service to our clients and the success of our team members.

Most real estate groups declare themselves as a team because they’re composed of more than one person. A strong real estate team exists because of the benefit it brings to it’s members and their clients. Strong Real Estate Groups accomplish objectives that most independent agents only read about. I say most as a general statement, because there are anomalies that do exist. These objectives are composed of customer service standards and commissions earned.

Making money in this business may not  be your big “Why”. However, achieving your “Why” does rely on the peace of mind  that your financial obligations are satisfied so you can focus on the most important components of your life. Strong real estate groups are composed primarily of strong relationships between its members.