2018 Midpoint Progress Report


Remember when we created our 2018 Business Plans?

You made your plan, right?

But have you been following it?

Have you been doing the things that give you the power?

Or have you let being “busy” prevent you from doing the most important tasks that impact your bottom line?

Halfway through 2018, it’s time for another progress report.

Halfway Home

Whether or not you used the business plan, hopefully you put some sort of plan of attack together for 2018.

Whatever form your strategy took, I’m asking you to dig it out, dust it off and devote a few minutes to reviewing your progress.

(Yes, even if you know it might be painful. Especially in that case.)

Ask yourself these questions to gauge your progress toward your 2018 goals:

  • Have you conducted 50% of your annual “conversations” goal to find those crucial leads you need in 2018?
  • Have you gone on 50% of the appointments you need to achieve your 2018 goals?
  • Have you closed 50% of your 2018 transactions goal?
  • Have you earned 50% of the profit toward your 2018 goal?
  • Are you following through on all the marketing strategies in your business plan?
  • In what area do you know you could have done better so far in 2018? How will you adjust to avoid making that mistake in the second half of 2018?
  • What skills have you identified you need to improve?
  • What new goals do you have for yourself?


Always Track & Measure

One important lesson this brings to light is how critical it is to track and measure everything.

When you know your numbers, you bring predictability to your business and you work more efficiently.

If you don’t know your numbers, it’s much more difficult to gauge your progress or know what’s working and what’s not. You’re just guessing.


What’s Your Result?

If you’ve accomplished 50 percent or more of your 2018 goal, that’s awesome! Way to go!

If you’ve fallen short of that 50 percent threshold, it’s time to start asking why.

And then it’s time to take more action!

Face your goals head-on, increase your discipline and focus, and do the things that give you the power!



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