Are You Tracking Your Business Effectively?

Adding new people to your Database is the name of the game in Real Estate!  

“The Path Is In The Math”

Imagine the power you would have inside your Business if you knew the EXACT amount of Leads, Reach Outs, Conversation, Appointments Set, Appointments Conducted to Equal a Closing in your Real Estate Business and knew this per Lead Source..

Then know your EXACT ROI per Lead Source (meaning you know exactly how much money and/or time you spend to equal one closing).

Are you tracking the proper numbers for your business? Consistent tracking is crucial!!

–> Once you start collecting data your business will start to become 100% predictable….. But we must take this seriously.

** You can now make future decisions…

Daily Must Hit Numbers:

Dials: _________________________________

Text Messages: _________________________

Conversations: _________________________

XXXXXXXX: ______________________

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX: ________________

XXXXXXXX: __________________________

XXXXXXXXXX: _______________

XXXXX: ______________________________


Are you interested in your own tracking forms? Contact us for your very own free tracking forms! Follow this link to inquire


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