Offline Lead Generation.. Have You Forgotten About It?

In today’s digital age, it’s absolutely necessary to know how to generate leads for your business online.  However, this doesn’t mean you should completely replace all of your offline marketing strategies with digital. In fact, offline marketing is still a great way to generate leads and obtain new customers.

What is OFFLINE Lead Generation?

Offline Lead Generation = Leads That Are Generated From Non Online Sources.

Online leads are important… but you want to have a good mix…. 27% of our Business to date is from Online sources, however, Offline will be more immediate/now business…

How do I generate Offline Leads?

  1. Open Houses…. (Go Through Recorded Version In Team Training File “Checklist/Scripts”)

  2. FSBO’s

  3. Expired/Canceled/Withdrawn Listings

  4. Circle Prospecting

  5. New Builds

  6. Networking Groups

  7. Community Groups

  8. Sporting Events

  9. Mailers 

  10. Flyers

  11. House Warming Parties….

** Next, your Follow Up Process is CRUCIAL…


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