14 Step Buyer Specialist Consultation Process

The GOAL with every Buyer lead is to get the appointment. At this time you are ONLY SELLING THE APPOINTMENT.

Current Stats show 66% + of buyers are going with the first Realtor they meet in person, so it is crucial to get an appointment. Your 100% focus on all buyer leads is to set an appointment, then from the appointment turn that potential client into a committed client.

“Where your focus is, is where you wind up”

Now we must master the following steps…

Step 1: Set the appointment, this can be at their current residence, coffee shop, office, wherever, the location is irrelevant, the appointment is the important aspect.

Step 2: Items needed for the “Buyer Consultation” = Dream Home Form, Buyer’s Guide , Non Exclusive Buyer Form and Getting to Know You Document.

Step 3: It is also recommended you bring a Notepad, Pen, Laptop, Cell Phone, (HotSpot) and Purchase Agreement/Purchase Documents to review.

Step 4: Consultation begins (IMPORTANT: Make sure to Master the Buyer Consultation Video in Team Systems and Training Week 4)

Step 5: Once you have met and everyone has sat down, the first step is to go over the “Dream Home Form”.

Step 6: Go through the “Buyers Guide” explaining main points.

Step 7: Go through the “Lapp Realty Commitment Form” explaining what you will be doing for them and what they can expect from you.

Step 8: Pull out the “Non Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement” and ask for their commitment.

Interested in the rest of the steps? Give us a shout at growmode@lapprealty.ca


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