How To Grow Your Sphere Of Influence Without Selling

As a realtor, marketing to your sphere of influence (SOI) is an important part of creating a successful business. But how can you use your sphere of influence to create a successful marketing campaign without SELLING?

Identify Your SOI

The traditional definition of a sphere of influence includes anyone you might have a positive effect over. In its most basic form, your sphere of influence includes your circle of friends and family.

You might already have a group of individuals you consider to be your SOI. How can you expand this group? One way to expand your SOI is to create a visual representation of your SOI. The practice of mind mapping is a great way to accomplish a visual SOI. To create a mind map, write your name in the center of the page. From there, create connections with individuals within your SOI. Consider the graphic below as an example.


Your SOI will grow quickly as you complete your mind map. Consider also the various ways you are connected to certain individuals. Your friends on Facebook are within your SOI. Your children’s coaches and teachers are within your SOI. Your postman, housekeeper, babysitter, pet sitter and hair stylist are all within your sphere of influence.

Each one of these individuals has the potential to become a valuable client or referrer. The question is, how will you successfully market to these individuals?

Create A Plan That Feels Comfortable

Remember that no one likes being sold to. Chances are your sphere of influence is being sold to every single day. They prefer not to be viewed as an ATM, but as a unique individual with unique wants and needs. The best way to gain interest for your business is to market your services in a way that helps the consumer feel respected and supported.

To market to individuals within your sphere, you must educate them and SHARE YOUR VALUE as a Sales Consultant. 



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