Become An Unstoppable Prospector

If you’re not picking up the phone everyday to prospect, I want to know why?

Is it that you have a fear of being rejected? Are you making excuses?

Are you procrastinating or just flat out avoiding the task of picking up the phone and calling potential clients?

Whatever the reason, just follow these 5 tips!

5 Tips to Pick Up The Phone Confidently

1. Create An Appointment Setting Space

If you want to make prospecting something super impactful or emotional, then you have to surround yourself with things that make it significant. Create the right environment for you to make your calls!

2. Have A Hands-free Headset

Your hands need to be free! You have to be able to take notes, set appointments or maybe you just move your body in a powerful way.

3. Have A Full List Of People To Call

You always need to have more people to call than you have time for each day. Not being prepared with a long list of prospects slows you down and can lead to getting sidetracked. (Task list in your CRM)


4. Have Appointment Times To Fill

Get your calendar out and know which appointment times you want to fill. When you know exactly which times you want to schedule, it focuses your mind and you WILL fill them.

5. Put Every Script In Front Of You

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been prospecting, make sure your scripts and objection handlers are in front of you. No matter how often you prospect, sometimes you can get stumped and forget what to say. Always be prepared for those moments.


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