6 Ways To Build Memorable Connections

Are you taking the time to create memorable moments with your sphere of influence and NEW business?

Memories are simply created when a connection is made, however brief it may be. It could be a 2 line message or remembering to wish someone a happy birthday. You may have someone in your sphere of influence who loves the same restaurant as you and a chance meeting (and possible selfie) could solidify that relationship.

6 Best Ways to Create Impact and Be Noticed in 2018

Here are seven easy and quick ways to help someone remember you and create impact in the lives of those around you. Employing some of these tactics could be instrumental in enhancing your sphere of influence and growing your real estate business.

  1. Make a phone call to a friend or client and catch up. 
  2. Review your CRM for special events in your clients’ lives and recognize them. Wish someone a Happy Birthday or Anniversary.
  3. Take time to genuinely talk to someone or thank someone.
  4. Be prepared – stick an extra pair of gloves or umbrella in your car to share. Help an elderly client shovel their walk. Make a difference to someone. 
  5. Ask someone new to join you as you head out for a coffee break.
  6. Stop by for a visit – nothing is better than face to face contact for making and keeping friends (and clients).


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