3 Reasons You Need to Know What Made You Successful


Do you know what has created the success in your business and life?

You might assume that successful people succeeded by design, but that isn’t always the case. And those who succeeded once may not be able to replicate success again.

success listIt is hard to replicate success if you don’t know what created it. While we can learn as much (or more) from our mistakes, reflecting on the things that work in your professional life can pay great dividends.

Here’s why you need to know what has made you successful:

First, it will prevent you from gradually moving away from those effective practices.

Second, it will give you an opportunity to focus more on those significant skills to achieve greater success.

Third, it will help you develop. What has worked for you can work for others, too.

Carve out some time for serious reflection. Think about those things that have made you successful. Will they continue to work going forward? How might you improve upon them? What have you stopped doing or are doing less?

So what has made you successful? You need to know.


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