10 Powerful Actions To Get Your Momentum Back

How many books have you left unfinished?

How many goals have you repeatedly set yet failed to accomplish?

How is it that we seem to know exactly what we want in life, yet struggle to find the motivation to go after it with everything we’ve got?

Ask yourself this question: How many times have you experienced the incredible sensation the comes after days of incredible momentum?

The kind of momentum where your internal engine is humming at a speed and efficiency so great, so powerful, it feels as if you can’t be stopped…

What if this sensation could be bottled and used at will to generate a new level of Hyper-Momentum few will ever experience even once in their life?

“What can I do to create consistent momentum so that I’m making the most of every day and every opportunity?”


Where we get off track is in the missteps, the lack of rituals or adherence to well-defined schedules and goals.

So, the moment we experience a tiny defeat, we guilt ourselves into a negative pattern of thinking which causes us to stumble again.

And, then again.

Or, even worse, we give up entirely.

Having proven systems you can use again and again ensures you not only manage your time efficiently, it gives you an edge over distractions.

Using those systems means you are creating more freedom, not less.

And these same systems set you up for perhaps the little-known secret to achieving massive success: small wins that happen daily.

Want to hear the simple truth?

It’s the small wins, day after day, which produce momentum leading to massive results.

Simply ‘trying harder’ will almost never work.

You need repeatable systems you can employ again and again to sustain long-term effort and effects.

We trick ourselves into believing if we could find just one more piece of advice – that one ‘silver bullet’ to answer all of our questions – we would be set for life.

Simply learning one more tactic, watching one more video or downloading one more podcast will not likely give you that edge you are looking for.

You need a system.

A simple, proven, step-by-step system that will simplify your efforts, maximize your results and and leave more time to do more of what you love to do.

10 Powerful Habits to Discover Your Momentum

1. Start by asking yourself these 4 very important questions:

  • What do I need to be doing more of?

Example: Following up with more clients, sending more emails, asking for more referrals, etc.

  • What do I need to be doing less of?

Example: Time hacks

  • What habits do I need to start?

Examples: Facebook advertising

  • What habits do I need to stop?

Example: 24/7 email checking

2. Focus on your morning routine

  • Goals, affirmations, scheduling your day’s big wins.
  • Control your morning routine, and set the tone of the entire day!

3. Pre-schedule your most important new behaviors

  • These are the things you need to “start” and “stop”
  • Put your new habits/actions in your calendar!
  • For example – reviews scripts and role play
  • When it is all planned out you have less drama and uncertainty
  • You know exactly what to do, and when to do it

4. Up your accountability

  • Drop the excuses
  • Get help
  • Overcome your fears

5. Create an incentive for following through on your goals and consequences if you don’t

  • We know that people will do much more to avoid pain than they will to gain pleasure.
  • Set a goal of something you will do with your loved ones when you hit your summer goals.

6. Create a short-term marketing plan

  • Ask yourself: “Knowing what I know now, what are the most impactful marketing activities I can do for this short window of time?”

How many emails, mailers, open houses, and calls should I do?

8. Work daily to build your confidence

  • The difference between good, great, and outrageous success in real estate is the ability to move beyond your limiting beliefs.
  • Things like how many homes can be sold, people that can be served, and how much money can be earned.
  • The only way to do that is through daily discipline.
  • Feeling tired?  Make just five more phone calls.
  • Don’t let the self-talk prevent you from doing the work!

8. Commit to your success

Ultimately, the decision is up to you…

Are you going to continue experiencing the roller-coaster ride of success followed by slump?

Or are you going to discover a new level of Momentum leaving you feeling more alive, more unstoppable and more passionate and full of love and fun than ever before!


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