2 Habits That Set Successful People Apart

What are the MAIN Differences between the SUCCESSFUL & Unsuccessful?

2 Things…

#1 They Have CLARITY…

It is impossible to make the right decisions if you do not know what you want.

“Success is the collection of the right decisions made over and over  compounded overtime…”

“Failure is the collection of the wrong decisions made over and over compounded overtime….”

#2 (Can only be done once you have CLARITY…. seeing the importance of a Growth Model “Grow Mode Model”)

They turn their “Should” list into a “MUST” list.

What is the difference between a “Should” and a “MUST”?

1. What is the OUTCOME you want?

2. What are the “Problems and Obstacles” in the way?

3. What are the MUST do action steps to  eliminate the problems and obstacles to  make your outcome a reality….


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