Is It Time To Cultivate a New Mindset?

90% of The Game is Mindset

You can’t change “The World” but… if you  control your mind… you can change “Your  World”…

It is all about what “Lens” you CHOOSE to look  out of… Consider this prospective …. In recessions period… It is a period to invest … Money or Time……

This where we see the strongest returns. Warren Buffet , Grant Cordon !!

Happiness Does NOT = Fulfillment

*The greatest and hardest lesson I have learned over the years is to is to NEVER listen to my emotions… others

-The quickest way to mediocrity is listening to your emotions….

-Miguel Ruiz “The 5th Agreement”… your inner voice….follow your intuition!!

“Never sacrifice what you want most, for what you want right now”

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