2018 Basics Of The Real Estate Game

Basics Of The Real Estate Game

The name of the game is to get people Know us, like us, trust us, be aware of what we do for a living . As long as I follow up frequently my business continues to GROW!!!!

The sales funnel – your directions to play the game!! Everything in this business is knowing the game tracking the game, and making sure that nothing ever gets missed!

1. Activities ……. You must go out and do daily activities , you do these activities to generate leads to put in your sales funnel period!!!  Tracking and measuring the activities we are doing is a must. We want to

Activities exist to generate leads!

2.Leads exist SOLELY ……. For me to create Appointments ……. There is no point in having people in our data base unless they are an opportunity to create an appointment. I know this may sound harsh but often times Realtor work crazy hours and are so stressed out because they don’t have clarity on the simplicity of real estate. We know that 95 % percent of the people in our data base will not do business with us so it is very important to understand the process and focus on the 5 % that will.

3.Again leads exist to make an appointment …….Appointments are made to conduct it brilliantly……. So we need to make sure we are providing world class value at these appointments. Making the appointment very convenient for them so we can get face to face and conduct it.  This is where most realtors fail , they do all the work, activities, follow up ext and then are not prepared when they have the are face to face.

4.It is our commitment to be world class  ……… If we don’t have our listing presentation or our buyer presentation dialed in your are  not 100% committed to your career.

5.I don’t mean to come across the wrong way ….. But it is the reality that I see every day. In order to be successful in real estate today we must have this value to offer to our clients.

6.World Class Appointments Create Clients  ( Buyers and sellers)……… Clients exist to put them under contract. Putting our buyers and sellers under contract, and then providing them with world class systems and process to ensure that they are raving fans of the service you have provided so that you can move them right back to the TOP of your sales funnel.

7.They then become your number 1 lead source. There is no more cost effective way to create business and price point …. than to have clients that like you know you and have done business WITH you and would refer you to there friends , and family. You must have a System to make sure that you can follow up with your clients often to ensure they will continue to business with you. We often over look this and just expect that our clients will automatically do business with us again. Huge mistake ,  never take anything for granted.  88% 0f buyers say they enjoyed there experience with there realtor and would do business with them again……… The fact is that our cycle consist of 5-6 years before our clients are moving to the next home. 11% actually do repeat business…… They forget …. And we have not only missed the opportunity to do a move up transaction but we have also missed several referral opportunities during the time. Our data base and follow up model must be taken serious in order to see your business Grow.

8.We must master our craft – and be looking for ways to always improve, we must be hard core in our organization on self developing  and learning, so that we are always continuing to grow !!!!

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