Steps to Success to Reach Your 2018 Goals

90/60 Continued….

Last post we discussed the 90/60 scheduling strategy. ..


90 Minutes = Money Making Activities…

3 Vital Signs of Real Estate

Vital Sign #1: Lead Generation/Lead Follow Up AKA “Setting Appointments”

Vital Sign #2: Conducting Appointments (Buyer Consultations, Listing Consultations)

Vital Sign #3: Negotiation Contracts

These are the only three things increasing your income (taking you from 3 deals in closing to 5 deals)…

60 Minutes = Essential But Non Money Making  Activities…. Emails, Paperwork, Client Phone Calls…

When you are against the clock, it creates  tension… tension creates productivity….

You MUST plan out every moment of every day….. Minutes add up to  hours… hours to days….

Now it’s time to put it in ACTION! Your 2018 Goals, Master Schedule and Time Hack Eliminations need to be documented & blasted for you to see visually on a daily basis to remind you of what you are working towards! 


1. Based on your 12 month business outcome… set a 90 Day Commitment and break it down…  Day 60, Day 30, Each Week, Each Day…

2. “ELIMINATE” 3 Time Hacks In Your Life.

3. Create Your Master Schedule and Implement The 90/60’s At A Very High level. It takes a minimum of 90 day to create a habit …….  Lets crush 2018!!!


–> For a 60/90 Sample Schedule or a Yearly Goal Sheet contact




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