Part I: Mindset VS Mastery


90% of The Game is Mindset….

You can’t change “The World” but… if you  control your mind… you can change “Your  World”….

It is all about what “Lens” you CHOOSE to look  out of….



The Only Way To Become Great Is Through MASTERY!

  • 90% of Realtors fail in the first 3 years….
  • 93% of Realtors would make more at McDonalds….
  • 76% of People living Paycheck to Paycheck
  • 78% are overweight, 40% are obese….
  • 80% Hate their jobs….
  • Only 2% can truly retire at age 65….

“Keeping up with the Jones’s is the MOST dangerous game you can play” 

Mediocrity is the easiest thing to achieve… what is the opposite of easy?

You MUST be willing to do things that nobody else is willing to do so you can live like nobody else is  able to live…..


Success Is Never Owned, It Is Rented & The Rent Is Due Every Day” 



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