2018 Starts NOW! Are You READY?

Start Planning for 2018

In the last quarter of 2017, we must begin to prepare for the new year!

1. Begin to identify your new Business Goals

–> 2018 Business Outcome

–> Your definition of success in Real Estate for you and your family

–> Income goals

–> Potential obstacles and problems that may occur

2. Begin to identify your new Personal Goals

Planning & Prioritizing Your Must Do Activities is CRUCIAL…

–> This is accomplished through a Master Schedule!

–> It is only natural to get caught up in the Whirlwind. Having a Master Schedule will hold you accountable to your GOALS.

*** The Power of Reflection – It is also important to track all of your must do activities, this will allow you to clearly distinguish what is working for you.

–> Once you start collecting data your business will start to become 100% predictable. 

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