3 Tips to Earning the Trust that is Vital to Your Success

Three Tips to Earning the Trust that is Vital to Your Success:

1. Stay in Communication & Be In Their Model of the World
If you’re looking to jump in and create a plan between now and the end of the year, start by asking yourself how many people are in your database? Then figure out how many times you can reach them in a relevant way during that time. The goal here is to strengthen the bond of your relationship — to maintain Top Of Mind awareness (the TOM plan).

Bring them value, share your insights, and be sure to pay attention to what matters to them — their time frame, their life, their family. That’s how you’ll strengthen that bond.

Remember: In the absence of trust, no business gets done. No leads. No deals. No referrals.

Create your raving fans and eliminate your vulnerabilities by committing to provide the most caring service possible.

2. Up Your Level of Service
However you define service today, it’s gotta increase. Put it on steroids. Aim for that Ritz-Carlton standard. It’s about the way you answer the phone, the speed with which you answer the phone, the speed you return phone calls, how you deliver yourself at a presentation, the quality of your marketing.

Your value isn’t about your average sales price. It’s defined by how you choose to run your business in a way that creates an experience for your clients that raises their trust level of you.

To get there, dive in! Every podcast, every book, every audio program you can find — immerse yourself in learning what’s possible and integrate those ideas into your business.

3. Overdeliver on the Promise
I know you’re bombarded with requests every day. But the Cardinal Sin of today’s marketplace is to not get back to people in a timely way. Remember, they want it free, perfect and right now. If you lag on returning texts, calls or emails, they’ll move on. You’ll lose their trust. In the absence of trust, you’re only in for objections and rejection.

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