How Many No’s To Get A YES.. Do You Know The #s?

To perform the process you MUST know the #’s….

88% Buyers/Sellers said they love their agent and would use again…. 

11% Never do a repeat transaction…. What does this mean?

66% of Home Buyers go with the 1st Realtor They Connect with In Person… 

72% of Sellers Only Interview 1 Realtor….

2000 average times daily people are sold today… 

25,000/2,000 Negativity vs. Positivity…

15 contacts = communication… 

5 No’s = 1 Yes…

11% of emails are open & read…

10% of phone calls are answered..

98% of text messages are open and read – video texting is massive

5% of people in your database will do business with you..

Be The Positive Outlook In Your Community – Be the Market Expert, Bring Valuable Information to the Marketplace.

This all ties into proper messaging and proper follow up!

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