Why My Listing Just Isn’t Selling?

We are past the end of our spring market and have entered the summer market. Let me ask you this question. Do you have a listing that just isn’t selling? Or even worse, sellers are dominating the conversation because of what is happening in the media? This week I’ve got solutions for both of those scenarios so you can sell your properties faster and get your customers what they want. So why isn’t the listing selling? Write this down….. If it isn’t compelling, it isn’t selling!

Start by making sure you are meeting with all the decision makers involved in a face-to-face meeting. When you meet face to face ask them again “Why do you want to sell?” Help remind them of their “why”, what they are avoiding (Pain) or what they are moving towards (Pleasure).

If you don’t start by understanding your customers’ point of view, you’ll instantly be out of rapport with their perspective. Think of the things they are reading like Social Media? Globe & Mail, Fortune Magazine, CNN Financial, and similar publications. Most people only see the news story of millions of people wanting to buy homes and there are no homes for sale!

Let them know the national, provincial and city stats versus what is happening locally in the community. Get them out of the global mindset and have them focus on what is happening in their backyard. That starts by meeting them at their perspective and world view.

  • Know Your Market – What makes a listing compelling in your market? It isn’t just price because most clients just hear that and assume you want to lower the price because you are an agent… Educate your client with some of the following tips.
  • Opportunity – Is it an opportunity problem? In my neighborhood, if a property was built in the 50’s or 60’s a builder is going to come in and scrape the whole thing and build something magnificent. Those properties are priced sometimes 3-5% above fair market value and still get 5-6 offers! This also goes for fixer uppers and residential lots too!
  • Exclusivity – You know those one of a kind properties! Kudos to Gary Gold and Mauricio Umansky for selling the Playboy Mansion. Other unique factors could be the designer, architect, or even the year the property was built.
  • Turn Key With No Competition – We all know turn-key properties are really compelling especially when there is no competition. What if there are 5 homes that are exactly the same on the inside and priced the same too? Something has to be compelling…
  • Want to try something different? Take your clients to see where the new homes are being built. Those companies are spending millions of dollars to win the minds and hearts of the sellers! That is the competition and they are creating compelling products for the market.
  • Price – Price trumps everything! Which brings us to the options for pricing your listings..3 Options For Pricing – The average agent shows the comps to the seller… Even though the seller has seen the median sales price and comps, they still want to see that bigger number! This is because they have this emotional attachment and hallucination about what the market really is… Remember if it is not compelling it isn’t selling! Show your customers these 3 pricing options…

Above Fair Market Value – Not Compelling. Talk about pricing above the fair market value, and how having a higher pricing strategy hasn’t worked so far… The data and the market have showed at their current price the home isn’t compelling.

Fair Market Value – Compelling Pricing at the fair market value is really just going off the comps. This will make the property more compelling, but there is an even better strategy…

Below Fair Market – Extremely Compelling What really makes property more compelling? When the price is extremely compelling, you create a bidding war and feeding frenzy around the property! Announce a price that is below fair market value to everyone!

  • The Challenge – I’m issuing you a challenge, if you have a listing that isn’t selling execute on this plan! Repackage and reposition with this strategy and let me know how it goes in the comments below!


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