Are You Involved In Your Community?

Community Involvement ensures a positive impact on the way our communities grow and succeed. They help build the capacity and resilience of our people and area.

Your first step is to get connected –>

Do you have a passion?

  • Do you love sports or outdoor pursuits, or would you rather be involved in issues pertaining to local heritage?
  • Do you care deeply about environmental and conservation issues and want to focus your efforts in that area?
  • Are you interested in working in a healthcare or mental health setting?
  • Do you prefer working with children, young people, or older adults?

There are so many different ways an individual can get involved! 

–> This connects YOU with so many people and allows you to reflect YOUR TRUE SELF.

** The reality is that someone in the Market place who takes action the most will ultimately lead the way and yield the most growth.

–> Here are some Volunteer opportunities in the Red Deer Area..

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