So How Do Agents Make Money On Snapchat?

“How do you generate real estate business and make money on Snapchat as a REALTOR?” I jump into research mode and found some great ways in which Snapchat could generate you business.

1) Post a photo and address on Snapchat of something I just listed. I can create a buzz on a new up and coming listing by posting on Snapchat


2) Post a photo of a sleeve listing on Snapchat. Create a buzz of a listing that you are taking and putting on the market soon and invite others to preview or contact you prior to it hitting the open market. Great tool in a low inventory buyer’s market.


3) Post an Open House that is coming up or currently sitting at. Create some traffic and interest on a property that I am hosting an Open House at on snapchat to generate traffic and activity for my seller.


4) Post value add video content Snapchat. Can you believe more than 5 billion, yes 5 billion video views a day on Snapchat. Can you believe the opportunity for eyeballs on you and your real estate business on Snapchat?!


5) Post an image announcement like a happy buyer, happy seller or doing a walk thru on a new home move in day. The message opportunities are endless.

6) Geofilter is where the real money can be made on Snapchat. Any agent can find community events in your area to sponsor and create a geo filter banner ad that any picture taken at that event and posted on snapchat can be branded with you and your business for inexpensive exposure. These geofilters start at $5 and up.


So now you have some powerful ways to generate business and ultimately money in real estate on Snapchat. Never underestimate the power of social media and don’t think this is a fad and it is going away anytime soon.

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