The Three E’s of Video Marketing

Being There is More Important than Innovating Some people avoid video because they don’t know how to bring something new to it, or they fear it requires all sorts of creativity and innovation. What’s more important is just being active in the video space and delivering content. If you can deliver creativity and innovation, that’s just... Continue Reading →

Your Mid-Summer Wake-Up Call

7 Months Down… How Many to Go? August 1 is almost here. That means seven months of 2018 are over, and five months remain. And the question becomes… Are you on track for your goals? And the next question becomes… Are you sure? Because here’s the catch: Any deal you initiate past the middle of... Continue Reading →

2018 Midpoint Progress Report

Remember when we created our 2018 Business Plans? You made your plan, right? But have you been following it? Have you been doing the things that give you the power? Or have you let being “busy” prevent you from doing the most important tasks that impact your bottom line? Halfway through 2018, it’s time for another... Continue Reading →

How To Increase Lead Conversion

You Do NOT Need To Work Twice As Many Hours & Spend Twice The Money To Double Your Business! If you just get a little bit better at each area of the sales funnel you can easily double your business without working more hours, without having to generate more leads and without going on more... Continue Reading →

Leads or Relationships?

Technology makes our lives easier, no doubt. But are we ignoring the personal connections that are so critical to our long-term success? In an age of buying online leads, communicating with clients through texts or occasionally commenting on a past client’s Facebook post to keep in touch, we’re in danger of losing the real, emotional connections so vital... Continue Reading →

Overcome The Fear Of Prospecting

Our LIVE Dials & Follow Up Training Workshop is right around the corner! June 7th, 2018 - Let's Mastermind Together We are going to break down the art of cold calling, discuss different scripting options and the overall follow up process. You do not want to miss this one! A constant problem people face is fear... Continue Reading →

Are You Tracking Your Business Effectively?

Adding new people to your Database is the name of the game in Real Estate!   “The Path Is In The Math” Imagine the power you would have inside your Business if you knew the EXACT amount of Leads, Reach Outs, Conversation, Appointments Set, Appointments Conducted to Equal a Closing in your Real Estate Business and... Continue Reading →

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